Acupuncturists are licensed by the state medical boards, the same governing body that regulates the licensing for doctors and other healthcare professionals. This is the case in Texas as well as most of the other 49 states. The process to become a licensed acupuncturist is 7-8 years of schooling. Some practitioners go on to earn a Doctorate or PhD in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine which can take a minimum of 2 years. All acupuncturist have a license number. You will find ours in the About page in our Bio's. During schooling, acupuncturists complete at least 3,200 hours of clinical practice. All acupuncturists undergo a certification in clean needle technique. This training provides the acupuncturist with set protocols when dealing with needles. Patients can be assured that the needles used by an acupuncturist are brand new, sterile packaged needles and are only used once then discarded after every patient. Never are needles used twice even on the same patient!

After schooling is complete, acupuncturists have a number of various ways to spread healing! Some join with Western medical practices or hospitals, join physical therapy practices or begin their own private practice as Denise and Lisa have done.