Happy Men's Health Month Guys!

Guys, now is the time to take control of your health! Here at Men's Health Acupuncture, we focus on the specific health issues you face, keeping the male body, mind and spirit in mind to customize treatments directly towards you!

Specializing in men's health care, we treat a variety of conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low T/libido, depression/anxiety, stress, joint and muscle pain, IBS, BPH, frequent urination and insomnia, to name a few. 

We use a variety of techniques so in needles aren't your thing, try cupping or herbs/supplements. We can also talk about the best diet and exercise program for you.

Your health matters! Together, we can get your feeling your personal best!

On a separate note, Dr. Lisa is now also treating patients at Clear Choice Acupuncture in Conroe, Texas every other weekend.
Visit our website at: http://www.clearchoiceacupuncture.com/index.html 
Call or email to make an appointment with her today!

DO NOT FEAR Austin patients! This is does not mean that she is leaving you! She wants to extend her healing reach and spend more quality time with family out there. As always, she is still here for you! If you have friends or family in the Conroe area, please send them her way!

Have an incredible summer all! Wear your sunscreen and drink lots of water as they are more important components of your acupuncture and other health care routines during this season!